Featured Image for John Clarke, from ABC’s Clarke and Dawe, has passed away at 68

John Clarke, from ABC’s Clarke and Dawe, has passed away at 68

One of the most beloved satirists and comedians in Australia has sadly left us.

The ABC is reporting that John Clarke, has passed away at 68 years of age from natural causes while hiking in the Grampians National Park.

The comedian was born in New Zealand in 1948 but came over to Australia in the 1970s to pursue his passion of political satire.

Most Australians will know him well from ‘Clarke and Dawe’, whose segments on shows like The 7:30 Report were fan favourites on the national broadcaster.

(Check out the last ever ‘Clarke and Dawe’ from Friday below)

The double act would often see Clarke play the stooge to Brian Dawe’s ‘straight guy’ – brilliantly taking the piss out of pollies and highlighting the unique absurdity of Australian politics.

But it wasn’t just on TV where Clarke shone – he co-wrote The Games, an award-winning documentary about the Sydney Organising Committee for the 2000 Olympics as well as writing beloved musicals, The Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and Little Ragged Blossom.

Here’s a bunch of our favourite John Clarke moments to remember the legend:

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