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Brighten your world with coloured Apple AirPods

Do you own, or do you plan on owning, a set of AirPods, but wish there was an even more ostentatious way to stand out from the crowd? Don’t worry, ColorWare have got you covered.

Apple’s latest in-ear offering, AirPods, solve the problem of not having a headphone jack on your latest iPhone by doing away with cords altogether, making each earpiece its own individual device. Most other Bluetooth ear pods still join the two units to one another via cable.

As long as you don’t mind the classic Apple white colour scheme, that is.

If white isn’t really your colour (or lack-thereof), ColorWare, the professional gadget recolouring firm, are now offering recoloured AirPods on their website to save you from your monochromatic misery.

ColorWare provide 58 new colour options, including metallic paint jobs to really make them sparkle — you can practically use them as jewellery!

You can even colour each AirPod a different colour; so if you wanted to get in touch with your eclectic side and pick up a ruby red left earpiece, and an emerald green right earpiece, you go right on ahead.

But, as with any other shiny new set of earrings, you’d better be prepared to part with a considerable sum of money.

The bespoke earpieces will set buyers back a tidy $US299 for the pair, and if you really want to splurge, you can chuck in an extra $30 and get the carry-case colour-coordinated.

Or, if you’ve already bought your own AirPods, you can send them in and get them repainted for a flat $US160.

Despite the fact that Apple did eventually get onboard with the coloured iPod offerings, the company has been notoriously steadfast in their earpieces remaining white, ever since the first iPod back in 2001, so if you were hoping Apple might come to the table with coloured AirPods and help you save a few bucks, you’re probably out of luck.

Plus, this is Apple we’re talking about, they’d probably end up somehow costing even more than ColorWare.

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