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The Nope Button: The shiny new way to avoid your workmates

Good news for anyone that shares a workspace with someone that recently bought a Siamese kitten: the Nope Button is a new browser extension that will interrupt unwanted conversations with a timely phonecall!

The Nope Button is a plugin that works with Google’s Chrome browser, placing a sleek, new button at the top that you can press at any time – for example, when Gary wants to show you the kitty sweater-vest he’s locked in a bidding war on.

The Nope Button

At that point, your phone will ring and, as reported by Techcrunch, a hilarious Matrix-style conversation will take place, according to the following script:

Hello, on the count of three put your hand to your mouth in alarm as if you’re hearing bad news. Don’t look sad just look concerned. One, two, three.
At this point, your colleagues may be staring at you. Wave them off and point at the phone so they look away. They’re still looking? Okay. Fake some laughter, roll your eyes and shrug at them with a smile. They’ll get the hint.
Still looking? Fine. Repeat these works after me in a serious, concerned tone:
“Yes, of course I can talk now. What’s the matter?” Works ever time.
Now it appears you’re having trouble focusing at work. If this is true then I have a place for you. But first I have to ask, is that what you really want? A Breather is safe, quiet space away from all the madness of open office plans and daily distractions.
I have a code so you can use it. Whether you use it is up to you. The code is N-O-P-E. You can use it for a discount at Breather.com. Good luck.

As you can probably guess, from the none-too-subtle plug at the end of the transcript, there’s more to this whole thing than creatively anti-social behaviour.

The Nope Button is actually a way of introducing users to the various offerings of Breather, a company that provides shared workspaces on a rental basis for offsite activities such as brainstorming and team-building.

If there has been a more innovative, tech-savvy advert this year, we have yet to hear of it.

Well played, Breather, well played.

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