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WATCH: Remain calm, but Hamish and Andy just revealed what their new TV show is

The pair, arguably two of Australia’s most beloved comedians, are hanging up the headphones.

But we now know what their next project is, thanks to a trailer for their new show that’s expected to air on Channel 9 later this year (it’s their third series for the network).

A very short and somewhat mysterious trailer dropped on Sunday revealing that their new show is called ‘True Story’.

It has the tagline ‘the truth is funnier than fiction’, and all we know so far is that it looks like it will involve Hamish and Andy in conversation with *someone* spinning yarns.

The format seems like a perfect fit for the duo given they’ve made a living bantering with everyday Aussies on radio, and the boys have never let us down before so as far as we’re concerned it’s probably going to be a bloody cracker.

It’s also a bit of a throwback to their early days in television, where their show ‘Real Stories’ was a piss-take on terrible Aussie current affairs shows.

Last week Hamish and Andy kicked off the beginning of their final year on radio, as they walk away from the medium which catapulted them to their current position as bonafide national treasures.

“It’s a funny thing to call it a year out,” Hamish Blake said when they made the announcement at the end of last year.

“It feels a bit like we’re making a big deal about dessert when we haven’t finished eating our entrees yet. For whatever reason there’s so much speculation about whether we’re leaving radio.

“This has been the first time we’ve known for sure what we want to do. So we wanted to let our listeners know so they can come on the ride together and it can be a really fun celebratory year and we can go out with a bang.”

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