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This is not a drill: Hoverbikes are real!

The future of near-ground transport is set to change dramatically thanks to this hover bike, which looks like something straight out of Star Trek or Star Wars.

Scorpion-3 was created by Russian hover-centric research firm HoverSurf, and looks like the lovechild of a giant quadcopter drone and a regular-sized dirt bike.

The designers don’t want the obviously futuristic nature of the Scorpion-3 to put anyone off, and have insisted that using one is just like riding a bike (though hopefully not like this bike).

To help reinforce the intended familiarity of the unit, HoverSurf’s research and development division put time and effort into making the top section look and feel like a standard dirt bike.

A spokesperson for the company told Gizmoda, “We dedicated a lot of resources and efforts to R&D achieving that the unit’s size and shape resemble a compact dirt bike.”

But, for the sake of safety, the bike has been programmed with “computer aided speed and altitude limiting”, to prevent overzealous riders from going too high or too fast — although they didn’t specify what these actual speed or altitude limits are.

The possible uses for such a system are extraordinary. Aside from simply proving a new mode of transport, which will probably take a while to become legally permitted on roads, the bikes would make for exhilarating extreme sports.

Or, in a more practical sense, they would be perfect for use in police work — pursuits could be a lot easier if the officer could simply rise above any obstructions.

Beyond that, HoverSurf did emphasise the fact that this bike was designed for “extreme conditions”, which makes it ideally suited to traversing the forest moon of Endor.

In the test footage released by HoverSurf earlier this year, a pilot rides the Scorpion-3 in a large hanger, but only over short distances — so there is definitely still some work to do before the bikes will be in it for the long haul.

But with a bit of tweaking, I can really see this new technology taking off!

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