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Spiders could eat every human on earth within a year

We’ve all heard the one about how each human eats eight or so spiders a year on average. That’s old news. But the latest in human-spider-related eating news is a little more shocking.

New research reported in the Washington Post suggests that all the spiders on earth, if they decided to get their act together, would be able to consume every single one of the world’s seven billion humans within a year.

Every. Single. One.

One of the report’s more wacky findings was that spiders are hungry. Really hungry. All in all, the world’s spiders eat between 400 and 800 million tonnes of food each year.

Notably, that is double the amount of meat and fish that humans consume each year – and it is also almost triple the weight of all the humans in the world put together.

The conclusion? If they put their minds to it, or if we really pissed them off, spiders could decide to put their differences aside – spiders also like to eat spiders, as we found out – and consume every single one of us before the earth spun once around the sun.

As yet, there’s no evidence that such plans are afoot, but it’d probably wise to remember not to piss spiders off too much.

The study also had a range of other spider facts, such as that the total weight of the world’s spiders is 29 million tons, and that 100 per cent of houses have at least one spider in them. 100 per cent.

So, keep that in mind when you go to bed tonight. Not only could the spiders of the world eat us all, but there’s at least one spider in every house. Including yours.

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