Featured Image for MuzeRoom is the most unique way for true music fans to stay in the loop

MuzeRoom is the most unique way for true music fans to stay in the loop

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Ronan Mason is the co-founder and CEO of MuzeRoom – the world’s first smart content curation platform for music.

Techly spoke to Ronan as part of our Guest Post series, which teams up with innovators and creators in various industries, in order to keep you in the loop with the next big thing. Check out Ronan’s musings on the future of the music release.

MuzeRoom is the result of years of digital innovation and musical passions for Mason, who began his career as a reviewer for albums and gigs. He secured a position as Digital Marketing Manager at Warner Music before iTunes and Facebook were used ubiquitously.

Throughout his time in the music industry, Mason has worked on a few labels in Australia and the UK, including senior digital roles at Virgin Media and MTV. He currently teaches Digital Marketing at the Australian Institute of Music.

The growth of MuzeRoom is spurred on by Mason’s passion, as the service is truly unique in his eyes – the “only personalised standalone destination for music, an experience that is tailored for each user based around the artists they like and listen to”.

What is MuzeRoom?

MuzeRoom delivers music content – only for the artists you like and listen to. First we understand your listening behaviours and artist preferences. Then we curate content for these artists from the top 150 music blogs and publications – providing you music news, music videos, interviews, reviews, and new releases.

We’ve been described as “a Flipboard for music” and our goal is to be the home of what’s happening in music for your favourite artists.

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What inspired you to create MuzeRoom?

We created MuzeRoom for three main reasons:

  • it combines my life’s two biggest passions – music and technology
  • staying in touch with the artists you love has become extremely difficult
  • music is on a phenomenal growth trajectory thanks primarily to streaming. Whilst I enjoyed working for record labels, my ultimate goal was always to launch my own company.

Who is MuzeRoom for?

For music fans.

Unfortunately, staying in touch with the artists you love has become extremely difficult. There are millions of artists, releasing millions of pieces of content, across various platforms. Only fragments of information are making it through and, as a result, music fans are missing updates from the artists they love. Facebook and Twitter used to be great platforms for staying in touch, but when was the last time you saw an update from an artist you love on a social platform? It does happen, but not nearly enough to keep you in the loop.

What does the next ten years of music look like?

The music industry will continue to undergo rapid transformations in the way music is created, distributed, and promoted. The only constant in this industry is change, and that’s what makes it so exciting! Digital downloads will be all but dead within 10 years, but more likely sooner. Streaming will be the primary source of revenue and a lucrative business for artists, labels, and technology companies. Virtual Reality will be starting to mature as means of distribution and promotion.

What’s been the best piece of feedback you’ve received since launching MuzeRoom?

There have been so many people with so much great advice that has helped us shape what MuzeRoom has become today. One quote I have stuck to my wall from another startup founder is ‘You only need one person to say YES to get this started’. This has been a huge motivation for us as we raise funding for MuzeRoom.

If you can get one investor to buy into what you are doing, that makes each subsequent conversation with other investors easier and easier. It also applies to your users – keep winning fans one at a time and you’ll effectively build a business that lasts.

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