Featured Image for WATCH: An adorable couple get engaged on stage at Adele’s concert

WATCH: An adorable couple get engaged on stage at Adele’s concert

Adele’s first (and much anticipated) Australian tour has been selling out arenas, disrupting public transport systems, and clogging Instagram feeds throughout March.

In Melbourne – the last leg of her tour – Adele started the show with the most fitting song possible, Hello.

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She spotted a couple, named by Junkee as Wade and Chris, who’d gotten a little (very) emotional during the song and invited them up to the stage. In what Adele promised was an unplanned move, Wade proposed to Chris. In front of 77, 000 supportive people.

But they still can’t (legally) get married in Australia.

There was a surprise proposal on stage at @adele's final Oz show tonight! ?? #Adele #adeleaustralia #adelemelbourne #etihadstadium #ticketmasterau

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It’s ironic that Adele’s Australian crowd were SO vocal in their support for the couple in the same week that Liberal MP Peter Dutton blasted Australian CEOs for their concern for same-sex marriage, made homophobic comments to a gay CEO, and a few weeks after PM Turnbull snubbed Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade.

It’s telling that a particularly negative commenter about the proposal is being dragged on social media for his closed mind (and illiteracy):

Adele is celebrated around the world for being a straight-talkin’, inclusive, positive angel. Adele, never stop being you.

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