Featured Image for The Manly ferry deckhand is back again with more heart-in-mouth snaps of Sydney’s wild weather

The Manly ferry deckhand is back again with more heart-in-mouth snaps of Sydney’s wild weather

You probably remember Haig Gilchrist for his incredible photos a couple of weeks ago.

He blew us all away with his bravery and photography skills with a series of photographs he took during Sydney’s ferocious storms.

Well, as anyone in Sydney knows, the ridiculous (read: bloody miserable) weather has been back, and so has Haig.

Using just his iPhone 7+ and his intimate knowledge of the iconic Manly ferry, Haig has had another of his photos go viral.

Uploaded on Sunday after the harbour was battered with storms all weekend, Haig posted a photo of the ferry getting slammed by waves and it’s already racked up over 2000 likes in under 12 hours.

This weather and wind still stir up the ocean. Outer deck a good place not to be unless you want to get drenched. #manlyferryride #manlyferry #manlyferryview #sydneyweather #sydneyheads #beyondthewharf #lovemanly #sydneyharbour #shotoniphone7plus

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One commenter likened him to Moby Dick’s Captain Ahab, while others got a taste for Haig’s adventurous side, saying “the outer deck looks like the best seat in the house!”

Taking snaps of Manly ferry getting #REKT by waves has kind of become a thing after his photos wowed the Internet, and you can see one punter trying to emulate Haig’s heroics with a photo of his own.

Haig also launched a drone from his tinny in Sydney Harbour to take this ripper:

Another good day to cross Sydney Heads. Busiest day and sure many drenched passengers. #lovemanly #manlyferry #sydneyheads #beyondthewharf #sydneyferries #manly365 #sydneyweather #mvqueenscliff

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And perfectly captured the brooding mood of the city with this photo of the iconic Sydney Opera House ansd Soldier’s Beach:

A clearer afternoon. Explorer of the Seas outbound.#exploreroftheseas #sydneyoperahouse #operabar #sydneyharbour #beyondthewharf #manlyferryview

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Soldiers Beach Yesterday afternoon as a storm cell moves over bringing strong wind, rain and plenty of electrical activity. Surfing time ova! #stormcell #centralcoast #autumnweather #soldiersbeach #nsweastcoast

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If you want to check out more of Haig’s work, I highly recommend following his Instagram account @ihaig72 for some of the best photos in Sydney.

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