Featured Image for Seems like the Coopers Beer apology video was written and directed by Johnny Depp

Seems like the Coopers Beer apology video was written and directed by Johnny Depp

It has been a VERY rough week for Coopers.

After the release of that disastrous ‘Keep It Light’ video, senior representatives from the South Australian brewery have come out with a video mea culpa, in which they try to distance themselves from the debacle.

Here’s the original video, if you missed it.

Coopers assert that The Bible Society’s video was not officially sponsored and have decided to scrap the plan to release light beer cans with scripture printed on them.

The ‘Keep it Light’ video’s discussion of marriage equality came under fire and resulted in public backlash including a call to boycott Coopers beer.

In addition, the video has provided people with comedic fodder. SBS’s The Feed was quick to jump on the opportunity and released its own version of the ad quicker than you can tip a can of Coopers down the drain.

Some Twitter users have noted the similarities between this and the infamous Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard apology video that was made last year after the two “smuggled” dogs in Australia.

Coopers would love nothing more for this all to go away, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. The story has been picked up by the BBC, so it’s now officially world news.

Time will tell how committed people are to the boycott of the once-loved beer. In the meantime, check out this exclusive footage from Coopers’ PR department:

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