Featured Image for Game of Thrones melted a giant block of ice with flamethrowers to reveal the Season 7 launch date

Game of Thrones melted a giant block of ice with flamethrowers to reveal the Season 7 launch date

And you thought watching paint dry was boring.

HBO has just held a gimmicky Facebook Live event to reveal that Game of Thrones will be returning for its seventh season on July 16.

Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t have to watch the live stream. Unfortunate viewers of the live event literally had to watch a giant block of ice melt in order to find that out.

By typing the word “fire”, viewers were able to summon an off-screen flamethrower to help out. Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark in the series, even popped in for a moment to encourage people.

At its peak, the livestream reportedly had around 160,000 viewers, including some journalists who seemed a little bemused about the whole thing.

Scott Tobias, whose byline includes The New York Times and Washington Post, tweeted:

And James Whitbrook, who writes for io9 and Gizmodo shared this gem from the io9 team:

If watching ice melt isn’t bad enough, things got decidedly worse when the stream unexpectedly cut out after the first 15 minutes.

Understandably, fans -who must have already felt pretty stupid -started to feel worse.

When the stream finally returned, a second flamethrower appeared to help melt the ice. You would think that they might have tested this out beforehand. The stream then cut out AGAIN, before returning and mercifully ending the ordeal. Finally – after 70 minutes of waiting – fans were rewarded by a release date and a new trailer.

And guess what? The trailer contains no new footage and exactly ONE LINE of new dialogue. All we see is some House Sigils slowly crumble to dust as we hear voiceovers from previous seasons. The one new tidbit comes from Jon Snow, who says, “There’s only one war that matters. The Great War, and it is here.” Kind of knew that already mate.


So, to recap: tens of thousands of people watched a faulty livestream of ice melting to learn a release date and see a trailer that showed us nothing.

Wow, this is some next-level trolling, HBO. Impressive.

People are so crazy about the show that they even got excited about a TWO-SECOND teaser that was released last November. Two seconds!

The show’s rabid fan base has been eagerly anticipating any news about the seventh season, which the show’s creators say will be the penultimate season of the Song of Ice and Fire saga. It might not end there, though. There have been murmurs of a prequel, and quite frankly HBO would be crazy to let go of a cash cow like Game of Thrones.

We now know that HBO is totally willing to squander the goodwill of the show’s fans.

What other forms of torture will they come up with?

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