Trump declared his “tremendous respect for women” and Twitter had an absolute field day

Donald Trump famously claimed during a Presidential debate that “no-one had more respect for women than he did”.

This was, if you’ll remember, just after a recording was leaked where he was heard saying he was all about “grabbing (women) by the pussy”.

So you can maybe forgive the public’s scepticism.

Well the man who literally admitted to sexually abusing women on tape thought he’d chime in for International Women’s Day:

Turns out this wasn’t the best idea because…THE INTERNET NEVER FORGETS.

What followed was a procession of savagery from the Twittersphere.

A LOT of people thought it’d be a good idea to give POTUS a quick refresher:

Well, that list was depressingly long.

Let’s round this off with some LOLs.

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