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This Aussie craft brewery refuses to stop trolling Pauline Hanson on their cans

It’s a great Australian tradition to take the piss, it’s also a great Australian tradition to sink bulk beer.

So when these two forces collide, what we essentially have on our hands here is a story of ‘Ned-Kelly’esque’ Australianness.

Speaking of Australianness, Pauline Hanson.

Her supporters say her vision of a white Australia with no Muslims, Asians or you know, dark-ish people is what this country should strive for.

Others, think that demonising minority groups is profoundly un-Australian and she should get absolutely, well and truly stuffed with her xenophobic politics.

A few of these such people own a beer company in Melbourne, East’s 9th Brewing, and have used their cans as counter-propaganda to Hanson and One Nation’s hate speech.

The legends have released a cider called ‘Fog City’, which they’ve turned into an instrument of protest.

Fog City Cider's Pauline Hanson Label


The label reads ‘I’d Swap Pauline For A Refugee’ – which is pretty damn funny, regardless of which side of politics you land.

Brewing director, Josh Lefers, told Junkee:

“It’s about lobbying Pauline Hanson, her inhumane refugee policies, and every person with beliefs like hers.

We’re really not that satisfied about a lot of the sentiments and beliefs out there in the world in the moment.

Everyone’s keen to bash Trump, and don’t get me wrong, so am I, but this is about the local element.

Someone’s gotta rein Pauline Hanson in.”

It’s not the first time the boys have had a dig at Aussie pollies, previously running tinnies with slogans such as:

“Still Hate Tony Abbott”

“Shut Up Govt. Of Course It’s A Yes To Gay Marriage”.

Given the major demographic of craft beer drinkers would be left-leaning, Green-voting, beardy hipsters, I’d say the slogans are a pretty canny marketing technique as well.

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