Featured Image for The festival making it easier than ever to meet Sydney’s innovators face-to-face

The festival making it easier than ever to meet Sydney’s innovators face-to-face

The most innovative Aussie businesses will take part in the first Sydney iteration of the famous NewCo festival.

NewCo was launched in San Fran in 2012 as a way to bring innovative and disruptive companies to the front. The brainchild of John Batelle, an author and tech entrepreneur, NewCo intends to give people a platform to learn from industry innovators. The festival’s self-given summary is “a mashup of an open studio tour and a business conference, with the vibe of a music festival”.

Previous years have seen the festival hosted in Barcelona, London, New York, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Austin, but 2017 is the first time Sydney will play host. On March 9 2017, a number of Sydney-based businesses will open their doors to talk about varying topics – from OzHarvest’s focus on reducing food waste, to the University of Technology’s push to make big data understandable.

Previous attendees have included reddit, Tesla, South by South West (SXSW), Wattpad, and Bloomberg.

Hilarious cat videos, trending news stories, heart-warming articles, and some of the best discussions on the internet— these are just a few of the awesome things that @reddit offers. Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website where users’ votes promote stories to the front page. At our upcoming NewCo festival, we give you the chance to visit their headquarters and learn about the inner-workings of this innovative company. Find out more at bay.newco.co, link in bio. #NewCoBay

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NewCo’s strength is its ability to allow businesses the space to reflect on how they interact with the rest of the world. With profit and purpose often at ideological loggerheads in traditional business, the festival will give Australia’s successful entrepreneurs and disruptive companies a chance to showcase how they’ve managed to achieve both.

Techly will be attending NewCo Sydney on March 9 2017. hoping to learn more about the intricacies of innovators such as Uber, Airtasker, CSIRO’s Data 61 team, Fishburners and Deliveroo.

Make sure you join us! Learn more about NewCo Sydney, and then get some tickets!

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