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Sneaky Trump Tower resident caught out with “non-political” Airbnb listing

If it’s always been your dream to sleep in the same building as a US President then you’re out of luck.

A spacious Manhattan apartment inside Trump Tower has been suddenly deleted from Airbnb, the popular house-sharing service. The listing was removed just hours after The New York Times contacted Airbnb for a comment. One of The Times’ journalists had booked the apartment and planned to write an article about it.

According to The Times, more than 500 people had viewed the listing the week before it was removed, and the apartment had been booked for much of the next three months.

Although Trump is living alone in Washington DC, Trump Tower does still house Melania and Baron Trump. To make it easier to cozy up to the Trumps, the apartment was listed using Airbnb’s “instant book” feature, which allows anyone with an account to book immediately without messaging the host.

That’s not to say you could just waltz in. Those who stayed in the apartment did mention that they had to undergo an extensive Secret Service screening downstairs.

The apartment was listed by a resident and went for between $AUD 395–593 a night, plus a $AUD 197 cleaning fee. That’s relatively cheap for a night of pretending to be The Orange One.

One guest told The Times that one thing he did hear was protestors. “You can hear them shouting from high up in the building. I remember sitting in bed thinking, I can hear them, I wonder if he can hear them”. Probably not, mate. Trump’s known to have selective vision, seeing crowds that aren’t there. He might have selective hearing too.

Trump tower airbnb 1

This room offered a great view of protestors.

Trump tower airbnb 2

Kind of a strange place for a gym thingy.

Trump tower airbnb 3

Running out of toilet paper wasn’t an issue.

Trump tower airbnb 4

Handy world map to keep track of countries banned from entering the U.S.

The apartment was discreetly listed as being in a “most secure and unique building” which may explain why it was able to go unnoticed for so long. However, there were some tell-tale signs. While the exterior photos avoided the dead give away (TRUMP in gold letters), the listing did say “Politically neutral, please. It is a specific building, so please – political opinions can not be shown”.

The apartment got rave five-star reviews but sadly it looks like no one will ever stay in it again. That’s most likely due to security concerns but could be just because Trump hates the “failing” New York Times. “They wanna stay where?”, he might have said. “Shut it down. Now.”

Anyway, it’s gone now – probably forever – so you’ll just have to use your imagination. See? Trump is right – journalists are the enemy of the people.

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