Featured Image for Pack ‘er up: This company will pay you to take pictures during your Eurotrip

Pack ‘er up: This company will pay you to take pictures during your Eurotrip

Ever dreamt of packing up your entire life and travelling the world? What if you that you could do that, and get paid for it. The dream, right?

Well, that dream could soon become a reality. Travel company Busabout are looking for two people – a brand ambassador and a video producer – to travel Europe on an all expenses paid trip this summer.


The catch? All you have to do is take pretty pictures for them. The successful candidates will spend five months abroad exploring destinations like Paris, the Swiss Alps, Ibiza and will document their travels on social media and produce regular vlogs along the way.

The perks include flights to and from Europe, all travel (which will be on Busabout buses), accommodation and excursions and they will also chuck in a daily allowance for food just for good measure.

Oh, and did I mention you will also be paid for your troubles on top of that? It sounds ALMOST too good to be true…

If you want to enter (and let’s be honest who doesn’t?), all you need to do is send in a three-minute video of yourself detailing your favourite place in the world and also show off your social media skills with a sample Instagram post.

We’ve already started packing… Good luck!

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