Aussie deckhand’s breathtaking snaps of monster wave swallowing Manly ferry go viral

Haig Gilchrist is a man of many talents.

Being the deckhand on one of the busiest ferries in the country takes enormous skill, practice and dedication.

As does being a gun photographer, so the fact that Haig has managed to do both at the same time is pretty damn impressive.

Sydney copped some pretty hectic storms over the weekend, and while most of us hid under the covers and watched Planet Earth II, others had to work.

Despite the enormous swell kicking up in Sydney Harbour, the ferries were still dutifully running – meaning Haig and his team had to do battle with giant walls of water.

The plus side is that it resulted in this breathtaking photo:

East Cost Low intensifying. #manlyferryride #manlyferryview #lovemanly #sydneyheads #sydneyweather #9weather #manly365

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The magnificent shot has since blown up on social media with people rightly praising the ferry greaser for having the courage to stand and take a photo even when he knows he’s about to be absolutely flogged by a monster wave.

“Great day to be working,” the caption reads, which probably gives you a bit of insight into the psyche of a man brave enough to take these photos.

“East Coast Low intensifying,” it continues.

“It was only for a few hours it went a bit insane. Made it pretty busy with swell and sail boats.”

And they weren’t the only snaps he took:

Another shot from yesterday's East Coast Low. #manlyferryview #sydneyheads #eastcoastlow #sydneyweather #lovemanly #mvfreshwater #beyondthewharf #9weather

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Late afternoon. #sydneyweather #middleharbour #thespit #sydneyheads #9weather

A post shared by Haig Gilchrist (@ihaig72) on

It’s a tough gig being a decky, but definitely worth it for the Insta-love.


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