Featured Image for WATCH: Trump and Putin’s loving dictatorship celebrated with Facebook ‘Friendversary’

WATCH: Trump and Putin’s loving dictatorship celebrated with Facebook ‘Friendversary’

Admit it – you hate the ‘friendversary’ videos Facebook forces into your feed every few weeks.

They come off as a little bit desperate on Facebook’s part, and often celebrate the “close” friendships you have with people you haven’t spoken to in years. Sometimes they even celebrate friendships you don’t want the rest of your social circle to know about.

If Facebook prompted Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to publicly celebrate their bromance, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t share it. Except for the fact that the media has asked Trump about it – multiple times – and the whole thing is a very complicated on/off relationship. If you’ve got time, read the chronology.

For those who might not have the time, the legends at Nix Bros. have put together a nice summary of the Trump/Putin lovefest.

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“A few months ago” the video starts, “you rigged the election together”.

FB friends emojis high-fiving

And while everyone is focused on figuring out how and why Kim Jong Un’s brother was assassinated, the video reminds us that North Korea isn’t the world’s only dictatorship – “While there are several dictatorships, there’s only one like yours ;)’

FB card with skull and crossbones reads "We are all totally f*cked"

The video has already been watched more that 6 million times. Hopefully someone in Trump or Putin’s social circle (the same circle, btw) shares the video for the bromantics to enjoy directly.

Trump & Putin FriendversaryToday is a very special day! #anniversary #trump #putin

Posted by Nix Bros. on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

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