Science discovers the wang size women prefer for one night stands

New research from the United States has told us something we really knew all along: women prefer larger penises, particularly when it comes to one-night stands.

The research, from the Universities of California and New Mexico, collated women’s responses to different penis sizes, finding that ladies chose a larger penis when deciding upon an, ahem, short-term partner as opposed to a longer-term partner.

The study took the responses of 75 women, aged 18 up to 65 years old. The preferred length for a short-term partner was around 16.5 centimetres, while for longer-term partners the length was 16 centimetres.

It’s not a huge difference, so don’t go editing your Tinder profile just yet.

Techly reported last year that a wide-ranging study taking into account more than 15,000 penises worldwide indicated average size was a tick over 13 centimetres, meaning that the women above are already getting a tad ambitious.

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Even though the findings shouldn’t come as a surprise, they do contradict other research that suggests size doesn’t really matter and it’s what you do with it.

(It kinda flies in the face of what Disney are teaching kids, too.)

And while it is – of course – what you do with it, size totally matters.

While the findings might not be revolutionary, the study’s methods were. The study used “rigid, odourless” blue 3D penis models made from plastic. Previous research had relied largely on abstract concepts of length or 2D images, so the 3D models made the research a bit more realistic.

The researchers also specifically chose blue rather than other colours to avoid any possible racial connotations or influence. We’re just gonna leave that right here.

As noted by the researchers, “These first estimates of erect penis size preferences using 3D models suggest women accurately recall size and prefer penises only slightly larger than average.”

The researchers also asked how important penis length was in choosing a partner. One in five women indicated they’d ended a relationship because their partner’s penis was too small, while almost one in ten women said they ended a relationship because their parter was too large.

I guess we can take the research to mean whatever we think it means. But we know that somewhere in California, there’s a box full of blue plastic Smurf penises marked ‘research’.

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