Featured Image for Awfully awkward AusPost ad becomes second most cringeworthy Australian ad ever

Awfully awkward AusPost ad becomes second most cringeworthy Australian ad ever

Remember that cringey ad made for the Australian Department of Finance?

You are probably still recovering, but news has just surfaced that there is…more.

Together Creative, the agency responsible for the Department of Finance ad, also made a five-minute intro to graduate life at Australia Post.

Put on your hazmat suits and visors, people. You’re going to need full protection from this cringe.

The setup of the video is this: The camera plays the role of “Tom”, a dude who is guided around the office by Grace, a recent grad.

It sounds pretty harmless, until you start to hear some of Tom’s creepy questions and comments. And it really doesn’t help that his voice was recorded in post production, giving it an ethereal out-of-this-world effect.

Tom doesn’t muck around. His first question for Grace is “Are you a grad?”, although you would expect that he would already know this.

Grace gives the first of many extremely rehearsed answers and we set off. There will be many many meetings on this tour, because Grace is absolutely determined to bump into everyone.

The first guy tells us he is off to the “bike cage”, proving that hip millennial grads are welcome to ride their fixie to work.

Grace looking to camera

“Australia Post understands the youth!”

The second guy hands her a coffee cos they are such tight-knit group of buds. Tom says “Caffeine, hey?” and leaves it at that. It’s…weird.

Next we briefly meet Aaron, a gym bro who is leaving work in the morning to get swole. See kids! You can have totally flexible hours at Australian Post! And being healthy rocks!

We then reach the absolute pinnacle of cringe. This is what you came for, ladies and gentlemen.

Grace approaches a young chap and an older gentleman.

“Is that the usual triple shot almond milk decaf chai latte with a touch of honey?”, the younger asks.

Grace and two colleagues in coffee scene

“We’re all having fun, aren’t we?”

These kids and their love of complicated coffee. We get you! Somehow this is even worse than the “Paleo pear and banana bread” from the other video.

There’s an intimidating older guy in a suit silently watching the whole exchange. He doesn’t smile or acknowledge Grace, he just stares off into space. He’s probably wondering what the hell a chai latte is, the poor guy.

After passing through the “model shop”, Grace takes us into the “breakout space and kitchen area”, where a bunch of young grads are enjoying a game of pool. Lucky them!

Grace then does something unthinkable.

She places her “triple shot almond milk decaf chai latte with a touch of honey” ON THE POOL TABLE and just WALKS OFF. She leaves it ON THE TABLE. How can you disrespect the table like that, Grace? How?

Grace at the pool table


After a quick sleep-inducing speech from the General Manager of Talent, Culture and Innovation we meet Kate, the Graduate Program Manager.

Tom invites himself to sit beside her and listens to an extremely rehearsed answer to one of his questions. He thinks it sounds “personalised”. Then, Kate makes plans with Grace to drink MORE coffee. I’m starting to think that Grace may have a caffeine addiction.

Get help, Grace.

The next highlight comes when Grace enters a room of computer techs participating in a “hack day”. One of them is wearing a VR headset and waving his arms around. Clearly, the future of Australian Post is in VR. Just think about all that virtual mail you need!

Grace then hits the “garden lounge” to see what her sassy millennial colleagues are up to. This is all starting to look extremely opulent. Is that where are taxes are going? And let’s not forget the CEO is on about $AUD $5.6 million a year. Wow! Forget working on Wall Street or at Google – AusPost is where the money’s at!

Tom says “Agile, innovative, personalised and dynamic”, which not even Grace believes.

Over at the official campaign website you can see the bizarre promo shots that accompany each of the four words.

Australia Post won’t say how much they spent on this travesty. However it was revealed that this video was somehow voted Most Popular Graduate Recruitment Video by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers.

And if that’s the best, then I’d really love to see the worst.

But if we can take solace in anything the work of this agency is not going unnoticed.

SBS’s The Feed have just released a parody of the Department of Finance ad and it is spectacular:

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