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This coffee machine will take your selfies and make them drinkable

Why just look at photos on your phone? With the latest in coffee tech, you can put them on top of your morning latte. 

The name of the machine is the Ripple Maker, and it promises to render barista art obsolete, much like photography once eliminated much of the need for landscape painting.

With Ripple Maker, you won’t need to go all the way over to your local hipster cafe for a dose of artistically rendered foam. That’s because the Ripple Maker basically acts like a printer, rendering the image of your choice right on the frothy surface of your latest caffeine hit.


It’s a brilliant idea whose time has come. Many of you will be thinking to yourselves: why the hell didn’t I think of that? That answer is probably that you weren’t caffeinated enough. No doubt the inventor of the Ripple Maker was caught up in the haze of latte-induced fever dream when the eureka moment struck.

So, how does it work exactly? With an app, of course (like just about everything else these days).

The Ripple Maker can retrieve images that you send from the app, and then print them on the surface of the foam using coffee bean fragments that won’t mess up the consistency or flavour of the foam. This means your latest selfie can be rendered in high quality after being sent from your phone to your coffee maker.

For those of you who aren’t as keen on seeing your own face staring up at you from your morning cup of coffee, Ripple Maker also comes with a huge database of stock images sorted by categories. And you can even randomize your selection, if you’re one of those wild and crazy types.

Expect to see these in coffee shops soon enough. The company envisions a world where cafe customers can select an image when they order their coffee, and the app can interface fully with your library of facebook photos.

And if you’re not already excited by Ripple Maker, just think of the potential applications — breaking up with your significant other by serving them a cup of coffee with photographic evidence that they’ve been cheating, for example.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, setting up your marriage proposal in the form of an ephemeral dust of coffee beans and foam which will be instantly destroyed on the first sip. On second thought, that might send the wrong message about what kind of marriage you’re expecting. Stick to something more traditional maybe.

Coffee selfies, coffee dick pics, coffee memes — the possibilities are endless. Welcome to the age of the Ripple Maker.

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