Featured Image for Large pepperoni with extra robot: Domino’s introduces AI ordering, changes game forever

Large pepperoni with extra robot: Domino’s introduces AI ordering, changes game forever

Domino’s are ringing in a new retail age. They’ve introduced the first ever virtual, voice-activated assistant!

The invention will be known as ‘DRU Assist’ and it will basically aid customers in the order process. It will make faster orders a reality, suggest great deals and add some much-needed pizazz and personality to the online ordering process.

DRU Assist will be the first of its kind ever to be used in the retail industry and could well change the online ordering game forever.

The assistant was one of many new innovations being brought by the pizza giant, which also include updates that will make ordering your favourite Domino’s pizzas to a park or a beach more convenient (and accurate).

DRU robot eyes

Domino’s CEO Don Meij believes that the innovation will improve the process significantly.

“DRU Assist is the first ever virtual assistant available to help customers place their orders online in the Australian QSR industry,” Mr Meij said.

“Domino’s customers will be able to ask DRU Assist either via text on the web or voice recognition in the app to order their favourite pizzas and make customisations.

“DRU Assist is on hand to help our customers streamline their ordering process with efficient and helpful service with a side of personality.DRU Assist will continue to learn and improve recognition skills from every customer experience.”

The assistant will chat to Domino’s customers in a cheeky, conversational tone and make ordering pizzas like having a fun conversation.

Well, there you have it, Domino’s is bringing ordering online food into the new age.

Because ordering pizza online without someone talking you through every step is just simply way too archaic.

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