Bernie Sanders destroyed Donald Trump with a single tweet

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s use of Twitter.

In late 2015, when the idea of Trump becoming President was still a joke for many, The New York Times did a piece on how Trump had “mastered” the art of tweeting, using it to gouge his enemies, express his opinions and even weigh in on celebrity gossip.

Since becoming the President (yes, it really did happen), Trump’s use of his favourite medium hasn’t slowed down.

Every day he gets those thumbs going and vents his often-controversial feelings with the world. And everyday folks around the world grab some popcorn and check out his latest tweets. For some, it’s the gospel truth from the God Emperor. For others, it’s like a passing a car crash – you don’t want to look, but you just have to.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to face it: Trump is a bully.

His supporters will tell you that “that’s the just the strength that America needs right now”. Yet deep down we all know that a bully feels bigger by picking on those who lack equal chances to fight back. And for Trump, whose people are immigrants, Muslims and most recently, transgender people.

So for many, it was nice to see the so-called King of Twitter take a hit on Saturday from former Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Following multiple protests held against Trump and his administration, the President tweeted:

Sanders then hit back with a simple comeback that included photos of Trump’s inauguration crowd next to Obama’s 2009 crowd.


As well as the joy that comes with seeing a bully get taken down, it was also proof that Trump isn’t the only one who mastered Twitter.

Trump hasn’t responded to Sanders’ tweet, but his administration has been famously salty about the size of his…ahem…inauguration crowd.

Like any bully, Trump is pretty obsessed with being the biggest. He also believes he is the smartest and greatest person in any room. Did I mention he controls the world’s largest and most powerful military? I can’t imagine how this could go wrong.

In the meantime, someone better call the fire department, because Trump just got BERNed.

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