Featured Image for Apple’s secretive new campus is getting people talking

Apple’s secretive new campus is getting people talking

Apple’s new campus, which is scheduled to open in April of this year, is creating a lot of buzz in Silicon Valley.

Part of the reason people are so interested to know what it’ll be like: the interior layout  has been a closely-kept secret throughout every phase of the project, which has been in the making for years. At this stage, people can only speculate as to whether the interiors of the large buildings will be broken up into small rooms or large, open spaces.

And it’s not a small interior either. The main building of the complex, a massive, ring-shaped building, will have over 260,000 square meters of space to work with. And they’re going to need it: the complex as a whole is expected to house enough office space for 12,000 Apple employees.

Another reason this secretive project is getting people’s attention: in a sense, it’s the final project of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs. Although he’s been gone for several years now, it was Jobs who first brought this project before the Cupertino City Council for approval back in 2011. And anything related to Steve Jobs will always get people’s attention.

Let’s face it: if Apple was a country, Steve Jobs would be on all the money. Tim Cook might get a library named after him or something like that.

Aside from the huge ring-shaped building, another highlight of the complex will be a hilltop theater with thousands of seats, named after Steve Jobs, naturally. We can likely expect future Apple product launches to be unveiled there.

The complex has been touted as a marvel of innovative green engineering. The main building, covered with solar panels, will run entirely on renewable energy. And you won’t need to ask Siri where the thermostat is, because there won’t be one: the complex uses natural ventilation, eliminating the need for heating and air conditioning.

We can probably expect a few surprises in April when the details finally emerge. All that secrecy had to be for a good reason. And the firm behind the project, Foster + Partners, clearly aren’t messing around — they know that Apple’s campus has to outshine all the other big ones, even Google’s. Because how else can you let the other big tech companies know who’s boss?

The campus will also have an Apple Store, of course. And if all of this has got your attention, take heart: there will be a visitors’ centre. So if you get the chance, check out the new Apple campus the next time you find yourself in Cupertino. Although let’s face it: if you’re there, you probably already work for Apple.

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