Featured Image for WATCH: Tiny Donald Trumps are taking over the internet

WATCH: Tiny Donald Trumps are taking over the internet

It’s no secret that U.S President Donald Trump likes big things.

Trump wants to make America GREAT and to cut taxes “BIGLY”. He claims his inauguration crowd was “YUGE”, maybe the biggest ever. He also said he won the LARGEST election victory with 306 electoral votes (that’s fake news by the way – Barack Obama got 365 in 2008 and George H.W got 426 in 1988).

During the campaign, he famously called Republican Senator Marco Rubio “little Marco”, which for Trump seems to be the ultimate insult. Don’t forget that Trump insists his hands are normal-sized, if not SLIGHTLY LARGE.

Oh, and he’d also like to build a GIANT wall to keep those pesky Mexicans out.

Given Trump’s obsession with size, we all enjoyed some collective lulz last week when photoshopped images of “mini-Trumps” went viral, even spawning their very own subreddit.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights:

Now we can all praise the Internet Gods once again because YouTube channel Evil Ice Cream Pictures has gone one step further with Tiny Trump VIDEO.

“We saw all those stills of Tiny Trump and were like that’s cool but why not do it in motion, aka next level meme it…Wait we could do that. So we did.”, the YouTubers posted on Sunday.

Here it is in all its glory:

Yesterday, Evil Ice Cream commented that another Tiny Trump video is on the way, so if you liked that (and who wouldn’t?) there will be more to come this weekend.

On top of these Tiny Trumps, Late Show host Stephen Colbert recently called the U.S President a “bite-sized dictator” in response to Trump’s attacks on the free press.

Of course, Trump is super mature and has a great sense of humour and really thick skin.

This is no way any of this will bother him, right?

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