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Tell your m8s: the Huawei Mate 9 has landed in Australia, and it could be your new BFF

The ultimate guide to the launch of the Huawei Mate 9 – where can you buy it, what are the big features, and why do you need one?

We’ll answer all your questions about the Huawei Mate 9, which was recently released in Australia. For those who have considered moving from iOS to Android, or even for those who have been loyal to big Android brands in the past, it’s time to consider Huawei’s Mate 9.

What are the best features?

Some of the Mate 9’s biggest features are those you can’t see…unless you screw off the back cover and take a peek inside. But, let’s be honest, nobody likes to ruin their brand new phone.

Super smart Kirin processor

The inclusion of the Kirin 960 processor is Huawei’s most powerful yet. The Mate 9 promises to be the frugal smartphone user’s go-to. If you aren’t down with the idea of planned obsolescence, the Kirin 960 promises to keep the Mate 9 running at its original speed.

And it improves the little parts of your day-to-day. The fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone is lightning fast, so there’s no perceivable delay.

And you won’t be forced to compromise on performance or your daily usage. Whether you’re operating in two apps simultaneously on the home screen, or flipping between your daily news apps, the secret of the Mate 9 is its EMUI Machine Learning.

EMUI learns your habits, and optimises your app performance, and introduces responsive resource recycling – so your phone won’t slow down, regardless of how fast you’re going.

The little battery that could

We’re living through a bit of a space race at the moment, where smartphone manufacturers are frothing at the bit to create the smallest, most powerful battery possible.

Huawei proves that we’re definitely getting closer to a smartphone with a long life battery equipped to endure our hectic daily lives. The Mate 9 delivers approximately 2.4 days of normal usage and 1.7 days of heavy usage on a single battery charge, though obviously this depends on use. So no complaints if you decide to run 40 apps simultaneously.

The 20-minute Super Charge will give the Mate 9 enough juice to run and run…and run.

Huawei grey phone - showing fingerprint scan

Inbuilt Leica dual camera

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Leica cameras are top of the range and definitely drool-worthy.

The inclusion of a 20MP Leica camera – with 12 MP coloured and B&W sensors – ensures the quality of the smartphone’s camera, as in Huawei’s previous collaboration with Leica.

The Leica camera boasts premium features, such as bokeh, post focus and hybrid zoom. The Mate 9 knows how intrinsic smartphones are to the lives of its users, particularly in helping to document important moments (like that cool quinoa bowl, or the summit of that massive mountain).

Rated on the objective DxOMark scale, the Mate 9’s camera comes in at a respectable 85. The highest mark to date has been 89.

Here’s a comparison made by DxOMark between the highest scoring smartphone camera, and the Mate 9.
DxOMark's comparison between Pixel and Mate 9

How much can you pick it up for?

If you want to pick it up outright, you can pick it up at Harvey Norman, where it retails for $999. JB HiFi will also let you walk out the door with a shiny new Mate 9, at a cost of $998.

If you’re keen to sign up to a plan, however, Optus and Vodafone can sort you out. We’ve broken down their prices for you already.



1 GB 3.5 GB 10 GB 20 GB


$57 $72 $85 $100

Min. cost over 24 months

$1,368 $1,728 $2,040 $2,400



1 GB 4 GB 8 GB 9 GB 10 GB 11 GB 20 GB 21 GB 22 GB 25 GB


$57 $72 $85 $100 $90 $85 $100 $120 $100 $120

Min. cost over 24 months

$1,560 $1,752 $2,040 $1,896 $2,166 $2,040 $2,400 $2,880 $2,480 $2,880

Huawei’s Mate 9 is a smartphone powerhouse. It has a premium feel, a long-lasting battery, look at the world through a Leica lens. Make the switch to Mate 9 today.

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