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Lithuanians use Minecraft to pitch a factory for Tesla

Upon hearing that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk plans to build a second factory in Europe, a group of Lithuanian entrepreneurs hired 40 gamers to help pitch their country as the location.

In just 35 hours, the intrepid crew used Minecraft to complete a virtual replica of Tesla’s original Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

As well as painstakingly building the damn thing block by block, they also made sure to outline several reasons why Kruonis, a small town in the Baltic State, was the spot.

These reasons included Kruonis being a “free economic zone”, the town’s close proximity to two international airports, and its commitment to various forms of renewable energy.

The Lithuanians face some tough competition, since anywhere in Europe is open to the bid and groups from Spain and France have already expressed interest.

If you are wondering why a country would want a Tesla factory so badly, consider some of the numbers behind the one in Nevada. Inverse reports that the first Gigafactory has already created 3000 jobs to build batteries, and will create 500 more when the Tesla Model 3 gearboxes start getting made there.

And perhaps there would be some bragging rights associated with having a factory of the company that now produces the fastest car on the market – electric or otherwise.

Businessman and science enthusiast Vladas Lašas is spearheading the Lithuanian bid. He is the co-founder of several tech companies, and – like Musk – he shares a passion for space exploration.

According to Teslarati, Lašas wrote in a prominent Lithuanian business daily about how his country was the perfect choice for the second Gigafactory. His column inspired the creation of 13 teams, one of which came up with the pitch.

And the Lithuanians have been noticed, with the official Tesla Twitter account posting:

Towards the end of the Kruonis pitch, the words “welcome to the dream” appear on the screen. The camera then zooms out of the game and into the real world, showing some of the folk who created the Minecraft Gigafactory.

For now it is just that – a dream – and at the end of the day, messing around in Minecraft is a pretty different skill set to building an actual factory.

However, the Lithuanians have shown that they’ve got some moxie and are up for the challenge.

The ball is now in the court of other European states to see if they can do something to attract the mighty Musk.

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