WATCH: This P-plater tried to drag-race an undercover cop and got thoroughly owned

Number one rule of drag racing: don’t drag race a cop.

It’s the sort of lesson they don’t teach you in school, but it’s an important lesson nonetheless.

Thanks to the very excellent Facebook Page, DashCam Owners Australia, we have some A+ primo footage of this exact thing happening.

An obnoxious P-Plater finally getting some karmic arse-kicking is exactly what we all need right now, so sit back and enjoy the video in the player above.

Some people in the comments section had a dig at the police saying that this is a case of entrapment.

But if you willingly choose to speed ahead of a car at a set of lights and put others lives at risk, regardless of whether a cop is next to you, that’s on you buddy.

Aussie dash-cam owners have really been upping their game lately.

While it’s usually random Russian accounts on YouTube that have all the wild dash-cam footage, this Australian Facebook group is turning out to be somewhat of a goldmine.

I’ll leave you with a link to the outstanding video of a guy who rigged a train horn to his car and goes around terrorising bad drivers.

You’re welcome.

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