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Google is headhunting Aussie hackers

If you are an Aussie hacker whose dream job is to work at Google, then this might be your big chance.

ABC News reports that the tech giant is about to launch a “hiring raid” for Australia’s best hackers in a move to alleviate a major shortage of quality cyber security experts.

Parisa Tabriz, head of security for Google Chrome, told the ABC:

“I think finding the right people who have the skills of someone who can hack into a system but ultimately want to make it more secure and not use those skills for bad and are willing to also work in a big software company — it’s hard to find that intersection of good people.”

Tabriz, who has been with Google for a decade, added that Sydney has traditionally been a good recruiting spot for Google, due to some good universities and training facilities.

Yet despite the apparent demand, a professor from the University of New South Wales noted that there is a supply problem. This sentiment was backed up by data from the Government’s Cyber Security Strategy team, which found that the number of students taking up Information Technology (IT) has halved in the last decade.

If Google does manage to headhunt our top Aussie hackers then it will be the Government’s loss.

According to the ABC, the Federal Government’s demand for cyber security and IT-related positions will grow by at least 21 percent in the next five years.

One of the problems of getting someone hired into a government security position is the lengthy process required to get top-secret clearance. Another is money since companies such as Google are able to offer IT professionals much more attractive compensation packages.

And have you seen those Google offices? Sure, it does seem a little cult-like, but they have nap pods! And volleyball courts! Is it too late for me to study cyber security?

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