Featured Image for Introducing Racunari, the ’80s pin-up heavy Yugoslavian tech magazine

Introducing Racunari, the ’80s pin-up heavy Yugoslavian tech magazine

Sex sells. Everyone knows it. So when a few enterprising design-types were tasked with selling a humble computer magazine as the Eastern Bloc fell down around their ears, you best believe they turned to the oldest page in the book: ‘put a hot chick on the front’.

The tale of Računari is a little odd, to say the least.

What we have here is a tech magazine produced in the now-defunct country of Yugoslavia that ploughed its furrow fairly directly – the magazine’s name, for example, translates directly as ‘computers’. What makes Računari a little more interesting is their covers, which almost always featured a Eurobabe draped over some kind of computer hardware.

Woman sits on a computer tower surrounded by monitors with exposed stocking


To get a real sense of what makes this story, we’ll need to take a slightly closer look at this fairly grisly chapter of the 20th century.

As with most crappy things that have happened in the last 80 or so years, the fall of Yugoslavia – sometimes referred to as the Third Balkan War – can be traced to the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

Yugoslavia was formed as a Socialist state in 1945, made up of six ‘constituent republics’: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

Eventually, in the run up to the early ’90s, the various states that made up Yugoslavia began to put their own Nationalist beliefs in front of the political ideology that had grouped them together and things, to put it mildly, began to turn sour.

All of which makes Računari‘s commitment to luscious babes even more remarkable, especially when considering the context that specific issues were released in. For example, the image up there with that lady stress-testing a desktop tower, was from an edition released around the same time that Bosnia-Herzegovina ceded from the union – or, to put it another way, around the precise time the doo-doo hit the fan.

There’s also this cool cat, pre-dating Mia Wallace by a full three years, and smoulderingly showing us a pre-historic laptop; meanwhile there is intense fighting taking place in Croatia.

Woman in suit jacket and short skirt holds an early 90's portable computer

Uma who?

Whether it is the hilariously old-school tech, the undeniably lovely ladies pouting their way through various civil conflicts, or the sheer lunacy of the whole situation, there’s just so much to love about this story.

For an extended gallery, look no further, but our personal favourite has to be this one:

A woman in lingerie stands behind a computer monitor as a man slumps unconscious out of the screen


Terrifying, Lara Croft boob? Check.

Unconscious man falling out of a computer monitor The Ring-style? Sure!

Abacus tossed lazily in the front of the photo, accidentally taking focus away from both the attractive lady and the computer? You betcha!

Proof, were it ever needed, that in our darkest hours, there will always be those who seek comfort in pretty ladies.

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