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If you’re nice to Siri, she’ll talk to you like you’re LEGO Batman

The much-anticipated LEGO Batman Movie was released in America on February 10.

Reviews have been pretty good, and Aussies are wondering when it will pop up on screens.

Not for a while unfortunately, as Village Roadshow is delaying the Australian release by a whopping 48 days, so you’ll have to wait until March 30 to see it on the big screen.

Gizmodo reports that Village Roadshow, the film’s distributor, is repeating history and making the same mistake that was made The LEGO Movie.

In September 2014, co-CEO of Village Roadshow said that delaying The LEGO Movie’s release by 54 days cost the company between $3.5 and $5 million in lost sales due to piracy.

Two years later, and it looks like nothing was learned. Well done, Village Roadshow. You played yourself. Oh, and did I mention both films were actually made here in Australia? Ouch.

Anyway, minor spoiler alert.

According to MacRumors, The LEGO Batman Movie features the voice of Apple’s Siri as Batman’s personal computer. It works in the same way as Siri, but responds to his voice request whenever he says “Hey ‘puter”.

And now if you say “Hey ‘puter” to Siri, she’ll respond to you as if you are LEGO Batman.

There are apparently multiple funny responses, such as “Welcome home, sir. I have your rom coms queued up, sorted by decade”, and “Hello, sir. I’ve heated up your lobster thermidor in the microwave”. Try it for yourself!

Apple often updates Siri, and this isn’t the first time that she has been programmed to give humorous responses to an upcoming event. For example, last September the personal assistant was reportedly dishing out zingers about the Apple “See you on the seventh” event.

The more cynical among us may view this as a corruption of Siri’s primary function, and if it becomes a recurring thing it might be problematic.

But for now, we’re totally fine with it because who hasn’t always wanted to be Batman?

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