Featured Image for WTF is that purple bird thing that’s clogging up your Newsfeed? A serious investigation

WTF is that purple bird thing that’s clogging up your Newsfeed? A serious investigation

Anyone who has been on Facebook in the past few days has probably noticed a new aviary species floating around. This article will answer all of your questions about the ‘trash dove’ – including what is it and why is it so gosh darn annoying?

Basically, the bird is a part of a Facebook sticker set known as ‘Trash Dove’ and has almost overnight become an anomalous meme taking over a range of meme pages and their comment sections.

The bird, also commonly known as floppy bird, basically pecks up and down repeatedly in a GIF and is almost universally regarded as either the greatest thing ever or the most annoying little infuriating bird ever created.

While the image of the bird ‘flopping’ up and down is the most commonly used GIF in the sticker series, it also includes images of the bird doing various other activities. Including, but not limited to, holding a phone, squawking and wearing a donut around its neck.

The image is the brainchild of artist Syd Weiler. Thanks Syd, for unleashing this curse upon the Facebook community – I hate you and your bird.

The Trash Dove is the latest meme craze of 2017, following in the lofty footsteps of saltbae and cash me outside girl. What a time to be alive.

Only time will tell how long these infernal birds will continue to clutter up comment sections all over FB and whether meme trends can ever get any worse than this.

Please join me in praying for the next viral meme to steal the thunder of this bird which is clearly the spawn of Satan.

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