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HELL YEAH, SNAKE! Nokia is bringing back the 3310 – aka the greatest phone ever

It’s baaaaack.

Evan “Evleaks” Blass, a renowned phone leaker has just reported that HMD Global is preparing a handset with the name ‘3310’.

HMD Global was formed in May 2016 and it has the exclusive rights to market phones that carry the Nokia name. According to Blass, the new 3310 will be much like its predecessor, a feature phone that focuses on the basics. It’ll go for about $AUD 80, and if it’s anything like its granddad, it will be unbreakable.

Tales of the Nokia 3310, a near indestructible phone, are now legendary. It’s the phone equivalent of a boogeyman that these brittle new smartphones talk about around the campfire.

Oh, you dropped your iPhone and the screen shattered? Everyone knows that when you drop a 3310, the Earth shatters.

Nokia phone battery

The 3310 was first launched back in 2000 by Finnish phone maker Nokia. That year, Nokia’s sales jumped from around $USD 19 billion in 1999 to over $USD 30 billion. Nokia would continue to ride that wave for the better part of a decade, peaking with sales of over $USD 51 billion in 2007.

It’s no coincidence that Nokia’s sales peaked in the same year that the first iPhone was released. Since then, it’s been downhill for the Finnish maker. Uuuntil 2016, when sales climbed their way back up.Now it looks like Nokia is poised for an epic comeback.

Along with the new 3310, Nokia will release the already revealed Nokia 6 and the Nokias 5 and 3.

The Nokia 6 has been launched in China and features a 5.5 inch display, Snapdragon 430, 4GB of RAM and a 16-megapixel camera. It’s priced at the lower end of the Android phone scale. Full details of all the new phones will be available on February 26, when HMD holds its official launch event in Barcelona.

Deep down in people’s hearts, there is still a lot of love for Nokia out there.

Ask anyone who grew up in the ’90s and early ’00s what their favourite phone is and a loving look will pass over their eyes. “I had this Nokia…” they will say before invariably pulling out their iPhone to Google the model number. Dat irony tho.

The Sun recently reported on one fella who refuses to Let It Go.

Dave Mitchell, a 49-year-old retired soldier still uses the trusty Nokia 3310 he bought 17 years ago.

Mitchell told The Sun that the incredible device only needs charging once every ten days and that it had survived tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and…his washing machine. Mitchell added:

My son wanted to get me a new one. It was something silver, with a colour screen and a camera, and undoubtedly more flimsy. But I told him it would be a waste of time. I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve got, and I like not being connected to the internet.

And yes, of course he plays Snake.

Take care of the Earth, people. We have to consider the world that the Nokia 3310 will one day inherit.

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