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Guns N’ Roses booed for calling Melbourne crowd “Sydney”

Here in Australia, the New South Wales vs Victoria state rivalry is the fiercest of all.

It’s played out culturally in those ‘Best Cities in the World’ lists, and legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses have reopened the wound with a very public screw up.

The Gunners were booed at their concert at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) last night after greeting the crowd of 70000-odd as “Sydney”. Ouch.

The crowd was already a bit testy after waiting nearly an hour and a half for the band to take the stage.

When the old rockers did finally get going the cheers became boos when the shocking faux pas occurred.

As well as deeply offending staunch Melbournians, there were some reports of poor sound quality at the gigantic stadium.

Others were thrilled:

The band were apparently unfazed by the blunder and launched into a 24-song set that included tracks from all of their studio albums, and hits such as Sweet Child O’ Mine and November Rain.

Later on, they were joined onstage by ACDC’s Angus Young for a couple of numbers.

They ended the night fittingly with the anthemic Paradise City.

Guns N’ Roses shot to worldwide fame in 1987 with Appetite for Destruction, which is the best-selling debut album of all time.

In 1991, they released Use Your Illusion I and II and went on a massive world tour consisting of 194 shows in 27 countries, including a disastrous gig at Melbourne’s Calder Park in 1993.

In the mid ’90s the fame, touring and excessive lifestyles of the band caught up with them and they imploded. When asked in 2012 what the chance of reuniting was, Axl Rose said “not in this lifetime”, which is the name of the current world tour.

Anyway, the guys patched things up and are more mature now.

Thankfully, their fans have all grown up too But it looks like their fans still enjoy being louts. The Age reports that more than 40 fans were thrown out of the MCG for bad behaviour which included drinking, swearing and tearing the place up.

Maybe they were furious about the Sydney thing. Guns N’ Roses have since apologised, stating that it was the first time in 30 years that their announcer, “McBob”, has messed up. McBob sounds like a nice guy – let’s forgive him.

This Saturday I have tickets to the show in Adelaide.

What do you think they’ll call us? Darwin?

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