Featured Image for Hey, um…Tourism Lithuania – all those photos you’re using in your ads are from other countries

Hey, um…Tourism Lithuania – all those photos you’re using in your ads are from other countries

The above picture wasn’t taken in Lithuania. It was taken in Finland.

But if you have been considering a trip to Lithuania based on its recent tourism campaign, you may want to rethink that.

BBC reports that Lithuanian Department of Tourism Head Jurgita Kazlauskiene has been forced to resign after it was discovered that the photos used in Lithuania’s most recent tourism campaign were actually photographs of locations in other countries.

Ironically, the images ran under the slogan ‘Real is Beautiful’.

The Lithuanian Department of Tourism created a Facebook page bearing the slogan and featured stock photos from places such as Finland and Slovakia. In response to the gaffe, the state tourism department said that the images were meant to “communicate emotion”, which is perfect for the ‘post-truth’ world we are now living in.

It hasn’t taken long for people to jump onboard and start mocking the campaign using the hashtag #realisbeautiful. Here are some highlights:

Saulius Skvernelis, Lithuania’s Prime Minister has even joined in on the joke. He shared a stock image of a building in Brussels with the caption “From tomorrow, we start working in the new government building in Karolinskes”, he wrote. Karolinskes is a suburb in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

This is not the only tourism gaffe in recent memory.

Last year, war-torn Syria left many puzzled when the tourism ministry released a promotional video for Aleppo, a place that has suffered five years of continuous violence and provided the world with a steady stream of horrific images.

The promo video features panoramic shots of the regime-controlled parts of Aleppo and features an acoustic version of the Game of Thrones theme for some reason.

It’s a shame that Lithuania chose to lie about itself because the Baltic state does have its places of interest.

If you do visit, you might want to check out the stunning “Curionian Spit”, one of Lithuania’s five national parks:


They also have nice castles like this one:


And emo kids would just love a trip to the spooky Hill of Crosses. This is not just a phase, mum! It’s who I am!


Best of all, you wouldn’t want to miss these:

All Giza Pyramids

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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