Featured Image for This legendary couple created the world of Diablo III for their wedding shoot

This legendary couple created the world of Diablo III for their wedding shoot

There are few things as powerful as the love for Blizzard’s hack n’ slash masterpiece, Diablo. Don’t believe us? How about this Singaporean couple that themed their wedding shoot after it?

This couple, having met online playing Diablo III, not only blossomed into a real-world romance but got engaged as well, and used the opportunity to pay tribute to their origins – and also to port themselves into their favourite game.

The following video is a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot, orchestrated by Mezame a self-described “Cinematic Photography Director who combines fantasy and reality to tell a story through photography and digital composites”.

For this project, bitchingly titled ‘Revenge of the Nephalem’, the two sword-crossed lovers, Alvin and Alexis, took on the roles of Demon Hunter and Crusader respectively, and proceeded to strike all manner of badass-evil-killing poses, wearing costumes and hefting fearsome weapons.

The safety conscious will be relieved to learn the weapons were in fact made of fabric by the good people at the Neo Tokyo Project; a bespoke fabrication and marketing team who describe themselves as “pop culture wizards” with a fairly heavy game-community focus.

A collection of weapons and armour styled after Diablo III items

Eat foam, demon scum! (Photo my Mizdesert, Items by Neo Tokyo Project)

Obviously the game’s location, the world of Sanctuary, is fictional, meaning that in order to recreate the look of the game, the team had to get creative, with the process involving shooting in real world locations such as this fairly non-descript looking entry hall:

A plain entrance hall, white walls and well lit

Less ‘Lair of the Demon Lord’, more ‘Wedding Venue’ (Photo by Mezame)

Then layering a shot of the two intrepid warriors, taken in a studio setting:

Man poses with fabricated weapons and armour from Neo Tokyo Project

(Photo by Mizdesert)

Finally, using software to layer the images, and applying some finishing touches to create a composite:

Final composite image, courtesy of the Art of Mezame

Final composite image, courtesy of the Art of Mezame

The results, as you can see, are pretty spectacular, with the finishing touches in make-up and styling provided by cosplayer and make-up artist Mizdesert.

For the antagonist, the big, bad bugger that provides the series with its narrative inspiration and its name, Mezame – quite hilariously – shot a scale model of the eponymous bad guy, Diablo, provided by toy-maker Neca.

According to the Mezame’s own blog, “I used my Sony A7RII – an ideal choice for digital composites due to its ability to capture images at 42.2 mega-pixels.”

So there you have it folks, the hows, whos and whys of possibly the best wedding shoot ever!

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