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This little machine turns your bed into an oasis

The Aussie summer has well and truly hit, and at night our only options seem to be sleeping directly under an industrial fan or sweating through the bedsheets.

Luckily, some clever cookies got onto Kickstarter with a product that will change all of that.

BedJet is a heating and cooling system that attaches to the end of any bed and distributes air between the sheets. The temperature is adjustable between 22 degrees celsius and 40 degrees celsius via a smartphone app or the included remote control.

BedJet attached to bed

For those of us Down Under, the appeal of this product is its ability to keep our beds cool while the rest of the house drips with sweat. For those in cooler climes, though, this nifty invention claims to eliminate cold feet without electric blankets, extra layers of clothing or hot water bottles. Either way, it means users only heat or cool the bed, rather than the whole room or house.

BedJet even offers a dual zone system, which means couples can control each side of the bed separately.

The product was such a success, raising $58,000, that in 2015 the company launched a second Kickstarter for a follow up products and quickly raised $1.4 million for BedJet v2.

This time, the designers have taken it a step further and claim the system actually hacks the body’s circadian rhythm to help us sleep better.

This biohacking is based on research done by the National Institute of Health and the Dutch Institute for Neuroscience, which discovered that the body’s temperature changes over the different stages of sleep.

After years of working with sleep doctors, the NASA engineers behind BedJet have created a smart sleep temperature control system, that uses information based on your age, sex and body type to create a custom-designed profile for your sleep.

The BedJet v2 makes adjustments to the climate control in your bed to put you in the sleep trigger zone, keep you in the deep sleep zone, and slowly brings you to the waking zone so you get up naturally, feeling refreshed.

Because it’s a smart system, the BedJet v2 will alter your sleep temperature profile over time to create the perfect slumber situation, and even adjust the temperature to account for unexpected changes in the bedroom climate.

Criticisms of the BedJet have included imperfect airflow, noise and a bulky unit, but we reckon it’s all worth it for a night of UNsweaty sleep.

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