Featured Image for Netflix is bringing Bill Nye back – and he’s ready to save the world from itself

Netflix is bringing Bill Nye back – and he’s ready to save the world from itself

Nineteen years since his educational kids’ show last aired, Bill Nye is returning to screens with his newbie Netflix original Bill Nye Saves The World.

It’s the first time that Bill Nye will grace Australian screens, as his original show, Bill Nye The Science Guy, wasn’t an Australian staple. Despite this, Nye has retained fame for decades. It seems that, regardless of the country, any use of “Bill Nye” is met with “The Science Guy!”.

The show will showcase Nye’s confidence and character, and bring a string of celebrity correspondents on board, including Karlie Kloss and Nazeem Hussain.

At first glance, the show is primed to enthral the next gen audience that Nye has managed to maintain connections with through social media.

The series will only be six episodes long, but promises to be packed full of enthusiasm for education and discovery. It isn’t aiming to be a rigorous science show, it’s aimed at engagement and entertainment – with the hope that audiences will learn something at the end of each episode.

The show promises to tackle big topics – such as technology, GMOs, sex, global warming, and medicine – in a fun way. As the CEO of The Planetary Society, Nye will undoubtedly weave in a underlying narrative of activism and climate change awareness as well.

All in all, it seems like it’ll be a cracker. Available from April 21 2017, Bill Nye Saves the World will be a welcome distraction from the current state of the wider world.

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