Featured Image for Anyone who’s anyone is watching the Superb Owl tonight

Anyone who’s anyone is watching the Superb Owl tonight

Millions of people across the world will be absolutely pumped for the Super Bowl tonight, but everyone else is pretty jacked about the Superb Owl.

What is the Superb Owl?

This is a Superb Owl – look at how graceful and wise it is:

A Superb Owl

(Image: Carolina Raptor Centre)

This owl, too is superb, seamlessly blended in with nature – watchful, regal, ready:

Image: Dany Santos

Image: Dany Santos


Every year, in their haste to find out about the Super Bowl, HEAPS of people misspell ‘Super Bowl’ as ‘Superb Owl’ – leading to a lot of very temporarily confused football fans.

Superb Owl Trends

It also means that people who don’t give a stuff about football have a tongue-in-cheek way to get involved in the biggest day of America’s sporting calendar.

For example, with dank-ass memes:

So if you’re not in anyway interested in the Super Bowl, don’t worry – there are plenty of superb owls to get excited about.

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