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This university is snapping up graduates with ten-second acceptance letters

Snapchat is great for nudes and sharing drunken nights out with absent friends, but now an American university is using the platform to inform students that they’ve been accepted into their program.

The photo messaging app is heavily used by millennials (between the ages of 22 and 37) and Generation Z (aged 21 and below). The University of Wisconsin Green Bay noticed that this demographic pretty comprehensively covers their school applicants, so they decided to get with the kids and send out acceptance letters via Snappy.

Traditionally, this process is done via post, and usually involves days of waiting by the postbox, followed by hours of staring at a still-sealed envelope, but UWGB is showing just how modern they are by employing emojis to share the good news.

Successful applicants will receive a snap featuring the school’s mascot, Phlash the Phoenix (yes, really), and the text “Congrats! You’ve been accepted to UWGB!” surrounded by celebration emojis.

Snap from UWGB

The university’s social media specialist, Jena Richter Landers, told Springwise, “Students love Snapchat. The age group that we’re looking to really connect with are on Snapchat all of the time.”

The university has reported that, so far, most students have been fans of the correspondence, and some have been sending excited snaps in response.

Snaps are sent to students who have shared their Snapchat username with the university, which is not compulsory, and acceptance letters are also sent the traditional way.

Students who are not accepted are only sent a traditional rejection letter, because there’s no emoji that really says “Sorry, buddy. Try again next year.”

The university also offers Q&A sessions over Snapchat, on topics such as study abroad, proving that they really ARE down with the cool kids.

Wonder if the university watches potential students’ snap stories before they hit send on that acceptance snap?

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