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Finally, an app that gives you abs

A new app called Game Your Core is here to rescue your abs from the world of boring workouts. with “the very first video game integrated core trainer”.

What’s more, the Florida-based developers and exercise fiends promise you will have fun and get results in less than three minutes a day.

Stealth is a balance board with a slot for your smartphone, which allows your device’s motion detector to monitor your movements. These are then translated into gameplay, allowing you to hone in on and blow up objects on your phone’s screen.

The program claims to use 29 different muscles – turns out there’s more going on in there than just your abs – as you twist, turn and rotate to play the game, giving you a full core workout.

The board is based on a ball and joint concept, which gives it the full range of motion, and it’s covered in an antibacterial, sweat-resistant padding.

There are options for getting competitive and challenging other users, which is always a good motivator, and the balance board is fairly light and portable, so you can carry it wherever you go.

Once you’ve bought the board (or core trainer, as they call it) the app is free. It currently comes with one game, but developers are offering to create more if demand is strong enough.

Stealth is the brainchild of Howie Panes, an entrepreneur who came up with the idea while staring at the floor during a round of planks. He brought on board none other than Don Brown – the inventor of the Ab Roller. If anyone knows core strength, it’s that guy.

While we’re dubious about the “less than three minutes” promise, we are interested in anything that will make getting abs less of a tedious chore and more of a blowing things up on your smartphone experience.

The project’s Kickstarter campaign ended in December – having raised $US381,281 to smash their $US20,000 target – but you can still preorder Stealth for $US179 (plus shipping) via their Indiegogo page (which, for the record, has raised $US398,342 to date).

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