Bunnings lands in the UK and the sausage sizzles have deadset baffled them

Aussie hardware giant Bunnings opened its first store in the UK this week.

The store is in St Albans, a city located an hour north of London.

The West Australian reports that there was a soft opening for 600 staff and their family and friends on Sunday and that it will open to the public tomorrow. The expansion is considered a pretty risky “gamble”, given that nobody in the Uk seems to know who or what a Bunnings actually is.

Bunnings, which is owned by Perth-based conglomerate Wesfarmers has spent a total of $4 billion on the opening, which also involved $700 million spent on buying up 270 Homebase hardware stores in Britain.

According to the Daily Mail, customers in the UK have reacted to the store with a mix of amusement and confusion. One woman laughed and said “Bunnings to me is a bunny!” Sacrilege.

If the name is causing confusion, it’s gonna be utter chaos trying to educate the public that their hardware store also sells snags.

Anyone who has ever visited a Bunnings here in Straya knows the deal.

It’s huge and the people are friendly. And there is always a killer sausage sizzle out the front. Those in the know, order by simply saying “One with, mate”, which is code for “One snag with onions please, good sir”.

It's the most Aussie Saturday lunch you can have ? @SydneyConvicts on the tongs today until 5pm at #Bunnings Alexandria ?

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Fact: I have never seen a sad person in Bunnings. It’s just full of Aussies who are down there for a slice of the Aussie dream, which I define as the ability to do DIY home renos.

My wife, who is Taiwanese, doesn’t get it. When she sees my brother and I put on our trade shirts and drill things or bang away with a hammer, she asks “Why not pay a real tradesperson to do it?”. “Because…this is Australia!” we say. I then back it up by pointing to our neighbour Matt over the fence. He’s in his trade shirt and holding a nail gun. He grins.

In the Daily Mail comments, some proud Aussies are chiming in.

Commenter Aussiejohn said that he had left Australia six years ago and “missed Bunnings the most” and user Greaser called the hardware chain a “great Aussie export!”

One thing Brit shoppers might not want to try is the drone snag delivery.

The Age reports that the legend behind that video, known only as “Tim”, is facing a $900 fine for his actions.

It’s unclear if he has had to paid up yet, but it just shows that people will go to great lengths for a Bunning’s snag.

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The boys are on the BBQ at #Bunnings this morning! Send us your drones, or drop by, for a sausage before 5pm ?#bunningssnags

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    Tuesday 7 February 2017

    Just wish Bunnings would have some Gluten free buns for coeliacs & gluten intolerant people .



    Tuesday 18 July 2017

    I don’t understand why these stories keep saying things along the line of Brits not be able to understand what Bunnings is about.

    Bunnings stores are virtually a clone of B&Q Warehouse stores in the UK. the only difference is the colours (green instead of orange) and the sausage sizzle at the weekend.