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The National Parks Service is leading the resistance against Trump

It’s safe to say that nobody expected some of the fiercest resistance to Donald Trump to come from the National Parks Service.

A few days ago the National Parks Service’s social media accounts copped a gag order from the Trump administration who didn’t want them tweeting about climate change because God forbid people learn about environmental issues that could threaten our very existence.

To the surprise of many, it turns out the NPS isn’t run by a bunch of geeks and pansies, but by courageous legends willing to put their necks out for what they believe in.

It started with the Badlands National Park account who went rogue and defied the gag order with a string of tweets on climate change.

Rogue NPS tweets

Those tweets were hastily deleted by the powers-that-be, but it sparked an online movement – with a bunch of other official NPS accounts defying the gag order and getting the word out about climate change under the hashtag #resist:

And the Death Valley account sent out a tweet about the tragedy of Japanese internment camps – a thinly veiled reference to Trump’s anti-Muslim immigration agenda:

Alternative Twitter accounts for other government agencies have been set up in protest against the administration’s assault on science.

@AltUSNatParkService has gained 1.16 million followers in just a few days – more than double the official account, and other ‘Alt’ accounts have been set up for the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA and Agriculture Department.

Trump has tried to silence the discussion around climate change, but all he’s succeeded in doing is amplify it.

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