Featured Image for Simon Scheiber’s seven-year-in-the-making short-film project is beautiful

Simon Scheiber’s seven-year-in-the-making short-film project is beautiful

Austrian filmmaker Simon Scheiber released his new short film project The Lighthouse. The project took seven years to make, and looks like every one of those seven years were spent creating a top notch product.

Black and white and without dialogue, the movie has already been shared extensively across the web.

The film is made up of over 14,000 photographs, and took the creator Scheiber seven years to make.

The story follows a lonely lighthouse keeper who, in the course of his work, makes a “surprising discovery which pulls him out of his monotonous daily routine and takes him on a journey into uncharted territory”.

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The advent of new technologies such as smartphones and digital cameras has democratised the filmmaking process, providing basic filmmaking technologies to millions and flooding the internet with amateur films.

Scheiber, who’s probably seen his fair share of Tim Burton movies in his time – or at least heard some of Burton’s soundtracks – has already been selected to show the film at over 30 film festivals across the world.

His website shows the highly intricate process of making the film with behind the scenes images.

Aerial shot of the Lighthouse set

That's a wrap!!! Every single shot on the shot list is ticked off and heads into post after this bottle!

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And while an abundance of amateur films does not necessarily translate into better amateur films, it has provided filmmakers like Scheiber with the tools to provide films like The Lighthouse, and for that we can be thankful.

The Lighthouse from Trim Tab on Vimeo.

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