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How to watch Trump’s inauguration in Australia: TV and live stream online

The eyes of the world will be on Donald Trump’s inauguration – so how can Australians stream it online and watch in on TV?

When is Trump’s inauguration?

Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States on January 21 in Australia (January 20 in America). So if you want to watch it you better get up bright and early on Saturday morning.

The ceremony starts at 3:30am AEDT and his speech will blast off about half an hour later at around 4:00am.

And I say blast off because who the hell knows how long it will go for, or what he’s going to say – it could literally be anything, hey.

How do I watch it on TV in Australia?

There’s no shortage of TV coverage – ABC, Nine, Seven, Seven Mate will all be covering the big day from 3:00am and it’ll be very interesting to see who wins the ratings war.

How do I watch a replay on TV in Australia?

If you don’t want to get up crazily early – Weekend Sunrise (Seven) and Weekend Today (Nine) will have special coverage and commentary.

But if you wanna watch the whole day in its entirety, head to ABC News 24 at 9am to cop a full replay.

How do I watch online? Where can I find a stream?

If you’re willing to be up at a ludicrous time of the night to watch history unfold in Washington, there are a number of sites that will have your live streaming needs covered.

ABC News 24 – The broadcast begins at 3am and you can watch their coverage here.

Youtube – The White House will be running a live stream on Youtube. The name of the account is literally just White House. They’re not very creative as you can see, but at least they’ll let you watch all the action.

Twitter – Is there anything Twitter can’t do? You can watch a live stream on the website thanks to PBS Newshour. Although, knowing Donald Trump he could well be holding his phone at a low angle live tweeting it himself. We can only hope.

So there you have it. That’s how you can follow Donald Trump’s ascension into the throne of US President all the way from down under.

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