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Girl lands dream job, gets paid to be an ‘official eating officer’

Last October, Sophie Hardy beat out 500 other applicants to land her – nay, everyone’s – dream job.

For five weeks, the 25-year-old dined at the best restaurants around the UK, serving as the Official Eating Officer of Weight Watchers. Her main duty involved showing the public that you can eat healthy without sacrificing your social life.

A recent Weight Watchers study showed that 71 percent of Brits feel that dieting compromises one’s social life. What’s more is that people between the ages 25 and 34 struggle to balance weight management with socialising.

Hardy used to be one of those people. Nearly a decade ago, then-16-year-old Hardy was overweight. But after following a strict diet plan, she eventually shed the excess pounds. She even documented her journey on a weekly blog during her five-week stint.

“I love food and I’ve always eaten out around three times a week, and I’m keen to show having a life doesn’t mean you have to stop living,” she told Express.

Now that Hardy’s tenure as Official Eating Officer is done, we just have one important question: Where can we send our CVs?

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