Featured Image for The Lexus LIT IS: The luxury sedan gets a makeover with 42,000 LED lights

The Lexus LIT IS: The luxury sedan gets a makeover with 42,000 LED lights

Over the years music videos have been a breeding ground for some truly breathtaking pieces of work.
From retro classics like Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer – sincere apologies if that chorus gets stuck in your head, by the way – or the frankly ridiculous lengths that Ok Go have repeatedly gone to throughout their career to completely fry our minds.

So when companies the size of music streaming giant Vevo and luxury Dad car pioneers Lexus throw their weight behind an artist’s promo video, you know it’s gonna have to be pretty special.

The Lexus IS was decked out with 41,999 LED lights – enough to make Times Square look modest – at set to feature in the music video for Dua Lipa’s new single Be The One.

For those who, like us, are far more interested in the big shiny car than derivative pop music, Lexus were kind enough to release a separate demo video, just for the car.

Just to recap, apart from the aforementioned LEDs, this thing also:

  • Emits 175,000 Lumens (more than bright enough to illuminate the 7,000 square foot IMAX GT screen in San Fransisco)
  • Used 5,280 feet of wire, or nearly 2km
  • Used 2,640 feet of LED strips
  • Uses 3,000 watts of power, the same as part of the average household
  • Is responsive to external stimulus, such as movement and music
  • Basically what we’re looking at here is a car designed by a hyperactive child with a blank chequebook and some extremely keen volunteers. Of course, the reflex when confronted with a project like this is to ask why?

    To which Brian Smith, the Lexus VP of Marketing had the following to say in conversation with Wired.com : “People who choose to drive a Lexus IS aren’t afraid to make a bold, visual statement. We created the LIT IS to amplify this idea. By covering the car in programmable LEDs, we’ve turned the IS into a communication platform that shows off its bold, expressive design. So while all cars say something about their drivers, the LIT IS sends a signal that can’t be ignored.”

    Well, quite. But while the thought of picking your kids up from school in a mind-blowing rolling disco machine might be amusing, this thing is one of a kind, and even it wasn’t it would probably cost the same as a medium-sized island.

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