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The iPhone turns 10, making us feel old and nostalgic

It just seems like yesterday that Steve Jobs leapt onto the stage in his trademark jeans/sneakers/black turtleneck to change the world.

Jobs saw the first iPhone as a three-in-one product (iPod, phone and web-browser) and was well aware that he was onto something big.

Watching that keynote again today, you are struck by the mastery. Say what you want about Jobs – and many have – the guy knew how to work a room.

The now-classic manoeuvre of building the excitement, showing a fake mock-up of an iPod covered in buttons and then nonchalantly pulling the real iPhone out of his pocket was pure genius.

Jobs promised Apple would “reinvent the phone” and it did. The iPhone went on to become one of the most iconic products ever, and it changed the way we live. It also pretty much killed crappy MP3 players and digital cameras (good riddance?).

It seemed counter-intuitive too – by making the iPhone, wouldn’t Apple be cannibalising iPod sales? Well that it is true, iPod sales peaked a year after the iPhone came out, and have been on the decline ever since. But that doesn’t matter if you sell a bazillion iPhones.

It’s hard to imagine life before smartphones now – they permeate almost everything we do.

In hindsight it’s obvious that the iPhone was a home run, but when it was released not everyone was so enthusiastic.

Recode reports that the revolutionary device had its fair share of critics, and unsurprisingly a lot of them were from other companies. Steve Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft, said there was no chance that the iPhone would get a significant market share. And Blackberry maker Research in Motion didn’t see the iPhone as a threat. Hey, how’s Blackberry doing now?

The real ultras are the ones who are still using their first generation iPhones. And if you happen to have one at home, unopened, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Marketwatch reports that an original 2007 iPhone is going for anything between $3500 and $30,000 on eBay. I know what you are thinking: “Wait a minute, I think I have used one in an old sock drawer around here, what’s it worth?” The answer is about 75 cents.

So how about this year’s iPhone 8 then? What’s next?

According to the usually-reliable MacRumors, it will have an OLED display, and A11 processor and a glass body with an edge-to-edge display. There will be no Home button and it will also feature wireless charging.

Hype yet?

If not, why not relive the magic and watch the 2007 keynote?

If that doesn’t work try this: the Billboard top song of that year.

The iPhone – like Beyonce – is just one of those things that’s irreplaceable

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