Featured Image for This Mongolian electrician sings EXACTLY like Elvis and just won this year’s Mongolia’s Got Talent

This Mongolian electrician sings EXACTLY like Elvis and just won this year’s Mongolia’s Got Talent

There are many things that theoretically would stop O.Enkh-Erdene from becoming a world-famous country singer, but none of them did.

For instance:

1. He lives in Mongolia.
2. He is Mongolian.
3. Mongolia is about as far removed from southern America as possible.
4. He is an electrician…and not a country singer.
5. He speaks exactly how you would expect a Mongolian to speak.
6. If someone was to ask you, ‘draw a character who is the exact opposite to a stereotypical country and western singer’ – there’s a 99% you would draw this guy.

So I guess you could say the cards weren’t exactly stacked in his favour.

But now the 20-year-old is well on his way to becoming a unique global sensation after being crowned the winner of Mongolia’s Got Talent’s second season.

When he wandered out on stage and said he was going to sing the country classic, ‘Amarillo by Morning’, the crowd and judges were understandably bemused.

But as soon as he started the opening lines, everyone in the room knew they were witnessing something remarkable.

Look, you could actually pinpoint the exact moment some hearts in the crowd melt.

Female crowd members swooning

That was only the beginning for Enkh-Erdene though, as he only got better and better as the competition went on – even smashing classics by the King himself with his killer rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Don’t Be Cruel’.

He took home a cool one million MNT prize money (about $55,000 AUD) for his efforts.

It just goes to show that even the most unlikely of people can succeed if you work your butt off, set yourself goals and take a plunge into the deep unknown.

If a guy in a remote community in the middle of central Asia can become a superstar in a genre almost exclusively reserved for crooners in America’s south then so can you.

(Well…not…become a country singer necessarily…you know what I mean!)

No matter how outrageous, how far-fetched, how seemingly impossible the odds may be stacked against you – let this be a lesson that NO dream is too far out of reach!

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