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The entire state of New South Wales is going to fry this week

If you thought lockout laws made New South Wales hellish, wait till you hear how the weather forecast for Sydney and New South Wales this week – spoiler: it’s a heatwave.

Those of us in Sydney are going to be pretty hot today, with the mercury expected to rise to around 31 degrees in the city and 37 degrees in the west.

But this is only the warm-up, so to speak.

The Bureau of Meteorology is reporting that a hot air mass is settling over the state, leading to a prolonged heatwave throughout the week.

On Wednesday in the city, it’s going to heat up to 38 and drop to 27 on Thursday.

For our mates a bit further west, expect it to get to 40 on Wednesday and 30 the next day.

And while you might think you’ve got it bad, spare a thought for the poor buggers in Bourke in the north-west of the state who will cop 47 DEGREE TEMPERATURES on Friday.

The official term for that is, ‘An absolute bloody scorcher’.


Sydneysiders should also be aware that there’s an official air quality alert today.

It’s not from pollutants, but rather from ozone forms in the atmosphere’s lower levels which can lead to irritations in your eyes, nose, throat, lung, and mess with respiratory problems like asthma.

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